• Railway transport in all of Europe:
    Easy, intelligent
    and fast with Rail&Sea

Are you looking for a fast, safe and cost-efficient way to send your cargo by train within Europe? Then you are in need of a strong partner, who keeps a close eye on the market and possibilities for you, and facilitates railway transport of your goods as much as possible.

We offer you efficient goods transport on rails all over Europe. We arrange railway logistics for our customers efficiently and smoothly, that it becomes as easy as posting a package. All you have to do is to  pass on your transport challenges to us and we will present you with a simple and cost-efficient solution.

Thanks to 21 locations in 10 countries, we are present in all important core markets. You benefit from our local experts in all important production, transit and recipient countries of our continent.

Why put your faith trust in Rail&Sea
for your railway transport?

Railway Logistics
made easy

We facilitate railway transport by using digital technologies and innovative solutions.

You tell us your requirements and our experts (railway logistics experts) offer you a  custom-made solution.

Transparency in time and
transport quality

Some of the biggest challenges in transport logistics are speed, punctuality and accurate planning. There is no uncertainty in our system. Thanks to geo-tracking, Rail&Sea customers know where their goods or train wagons are at any time and to the exact mile.

We calculate exact
costs instead of tarifs

As an innovative, medium-sized company, we calculate in a flexible and cost-efficient way. We are able to choose between the tariffs of the state railways and the large variety of private railway undertakings (Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen – EVU). Thanks to that, we can offer you the optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Who are our customers?

  • Industriy-Sector
    – Paper and pulp
    – Wood and wood materials
    – Metal and steel
    – Consumer goods
  • Raw materials sector
    – Producers of raw materials
    – Distributors of of raw materials
    – Building materials
    – Secondary raw materials and waste
  • How do railway transport and
    railway logistics function with Rail&Sea?

In principal, cooperation with Rail&Sea is simple: you send us a request, we provide you a custom-made offer.

In the first step, we will develop the best transport solution for your products for you. For instance, fluids have to be transported in a different way than raw wood.

After that, we create railway logistics for you that meet your individual requirements. In this regard, railway transport offers you extensive flexibility:

  • Loading
    Trains can be loaded at night and during weekends as well.
  • Product management
    You can produce large quantities at once and immediately load them.
  • Lower storage expenses
    You can send large quantities at once and you are not forced to produce small shipment lots and/or store the rest in the meantime.

When we create an offer for you, we consider elements beyond the services required for transport from A to B. Our logistics consultation exceeds basic railway transport. Often, we can also achieve internal efficiency benefits , from transport logistics to distribution logistics, and storage logistics (e.g. in certain cases, freight trains or containers can also be used for short-term storage)

This means: we will help you to find the actual optimum solution.

Fast, reliable and cost-efficient – How is that possible?


Our easiest way to minimise the transport costs on the rails, lies in our cost calculation. We make use of state and private railways undertakings, which enables us to provide the most efficient solution.

Example: If you would like to transport a cargo from A to B, it might be that our train rides with a private EVU in starting country A, with the state train in transit country C and again with a private EVU in the recipient country.



Our railway logistics are closely connected to the cost structure. We analyse the infrastructure and processes onsite at your location as our customer and think through consider all cost issues up to the recipient. This way, we often discover a clear cost-saving potential.

Example: Thanks to modern moving equipment and IT-guided process management, we reduce expenses for staff and locomotion and energy costs on your railway structure.


We offer you the most modern digital services. Therefore, you will know where your cargo is at any time and to the exact mile. You will be able to plan precisely when it will arrive and can view this in real-time, also checking whether if there are unexpected complications on the rails.

Example: With GPS, we keep an eye on the track of the train wagon and this waythus, you will always know where is your cargo is. The days when you sent cargo from Hamburg to Milan and didn’t know when it would arrive, are over.

Your advantages at Rail&Sea?


We reduce tariff chaos, non-transparent train movements and bureaucratic obstacles for you. Once we have arranged your railway transport, it will be just as easy for you as posting a package.


We connect the possibilities of the state railways with the possibilities of the wide variety of private railway undertakings (EVU). This allows us to have the most efficient transport possibility at the best possible cost.


Making your transport as cost-efficient as possible is not our only concern. The biggest savings potential lies in the entire logistics infrastructure. We develop the most effective solution and your company benefits on all levels.


With 21 locations in 10 European countries, we are onsite in the most important production, transit and recipient countries. In addition, we have the know-how and the networkafter more than 20 years of expansion. Thanks to this, we are able to grow with the customers in the future as well.


As a medium-sized company, the Rail&Sea Group has developed flat hierarchies. When you call us, you will not end up in “some waiting room”. You can reach our competent logistics consultants and decision-makers directly.

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